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Shhh! The End is Near!

I think I’ve finally figured out what’s going on. If I announce a deadline, the writing Gods will conspire against me, throwing problems big and small to confound my writing! That’s gotta be it, right?! Continue reading

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Building Walls and Novels by the Seat of my Pants.

Hello once again readers, I’m back! Thank you so much for returning to the silly ramblings that I, the Writing Fisherman, casts out. August came in hard and wet for me and was one of my more difficult months I’ve had in … Continue reading

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Only I Didn’t Say, “FUDGE!”

So when my brother used ‘fudge’ in a recent tale about him swimming with sharks it got me thinking about foul language in our writing.
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3 Writing Lessons I’ve (Re-)Learned in the Past Year.

Having that deadline forced me to allot time each day to writing and in doing so created a rhythm which my story fed off of. Continue reading

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Writing for a Livin’

I struck out many, many times sending queries to different magazines, typically trying to peddle my adventures as a stay-at-home Dad with two baby girls. Let me tell you, I had plenty to share! Continue reading

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The Benefits of a Writing Club

I’m trying to get a little more prolific with my blogging, so here I am a week later with a new one.  As always, thank you, for stopping by my blog! I’ve clearly somehow misled you into believing I have … Continue reading

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Already Gone

Hello readers and thank you for checking out this weeks’ random thoughts on writing, fishing, or just life in general.  This week I do indeed have something different as I comment on long ago memories which have come back to … Continue reading

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On Second Thought … NaNoWriYes!

I’m a comic book loving, hit the weights, movie addict “That’s no moon”, outdoors-man, football fanatic, gamer geek (don’t even get me started talking about Skyrim, Fallout, or Farcry), gotta get this story outta my head, poker playing, reading three books at a time, cigar chomping, “just one more cast” please let me go fishing kind of guy. Continue reading

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Surprising Story Fix Inspirations

Greetings and salutations!  First off thank you for finding this article and (hopefully) reading it and if you like my voice I would be honored to have you start following me in my quest for the perfect career mix of … Continue reading

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