My Novel Update from March

Failed again!!!

If you’ve been following along you know my personal goal was to get my novel done and out to my beta-readers by April first. Well that didn’t happen. I-May-Not-Be-There-YetI’m still celebrating the time and effort I put into my book in March because, after all, I made a lot of progress! Also I’ve become somewhat resigned to the idea that as a first-time novelist it’s taking longer than it would usually, but I’m learning a lot.

A big lesson I’m learning is that “pantsing” my novel was perhaps not the greatest thing. It was fun when I did it and hey, I got it written down. But I also left a lot of gaps where I couldn’t think of something so I just moved on and I have a lot of plot holes to fill. There are secondary characters taking over scenes, the main character wasn’t developing as she should, and the overall flow was stagnant at times. All this has made it very difficult to edit as I’m looking at what can stay and what needs to go. That said I’m hopeful I can finish in the coming week or two. Raise a glass and toast to wishes and dreams!

IMG_2973Aside from the hair pulling I’ve been doing while editing I’ve also had a few distractions last month. I was sick a while and ran the office alone at work for nearly two weeks to name a few. The most wonderful distraction has been my new grandson, Ezra! If you have kids of your own then you understand what I’m saying when I talk about loving someone with all your heart at first sight! He’s awesome.

IMG_2966On the fishing side of things, the Writing Fisherman has been high and dry for some time now without getting a line wet in some time. I think I’m going into withdrawal fits and I’m sure the lack of fishing is probably why I got sick! That’s really a thing, trust me.


As always thank you for checking in with me and I’ll be sure to update you on my novel progress in the next week or two. Take care!


Me back at work soon.

PS: So interesting occurrence here. Right at the end of writing this a spider fell from the ceiling and Peter Parker’d my hand! I didn’t even notice the little dude fall but I felt him land. Unfortunately he looked normal and I’ve not heard of any genetic testing going on around here. Damn, I never seem to catch a break.


Until next time!

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The Shadow War – Launch Day!

Fantastic announcement from a friend, and local author, with the release of her newest book, The Shadow War. This is book 2 in the Wishing Blade series.

Stephanie Flint - Author and Artist

After an extra month of waiting, The Shadow War is finally here! It’s the second book of The Wishing Blade series, so if you’ve been wondering what happens next, that wait is over!


I’m both excited and nervous with this one. For this one, we get to see Daernan’s point of view for a large part of the story (60%, to be exact), and we get one short scene from Siklana at the end. But don’t worry, Toranih and Shevanlagiy also get their fair share of scenes, too. Not only that, but we get glimpses of both Maijevan and Cantingen cultures, and the bit of rivalry that might be brewing between the various countries and cities. 😉

So, without further ado…

The Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic Swirl

The Shadow War

Upper MG / Lower YA

The Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic SwirlThe Shadow War - Book CoverThe Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic Swirl

Though a shadow is as good as a ghost, with no free will to speak of, they may still be…

View original post 520 more words

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Learning through Failure

A year and a half ago I began this blog for a myriad of reasons. It’s a great way to build an audience, or as other writers told me, creating exposure. I write conversationally, as comfortable as I can, to provide the best possible window into who I am. I also wanted to have something else to occasionally write, thus taking a break from my novel which I’d been attempting to write for years. It was Summer 2015 and my original plan, naive as it was, was to have written it in time for publication that Fall. I failed at that but did manage to complete a full first draft that November.

I kicked off 2016 revising and re-writing. I worked with an artist, my amazing daughter Anni, on special characters and came up with an idea for the cover. I even went so far as to announce it publicly, for a second time no less, that it would be ready by May. resilienceMeanwhile I was pouring over the first few chapters only, attempting to make them perfect. In the process I watched May come and go, once again without having reached my goals.

After that failure, I set a personal one for Fall again. This time keeping it mostly to myself due to losing a little momentum and even some faith in my ability to finish. Clearly I didn’t make that goal either.I took some time to begin a new novel rough draft in November then a break from writing all together through the Holidays.

When I sat down in January this, I had a epiphany of sorts. I felt like Neo in the Matrix as I suddenly could see how my story is to come together. What is going to fit and what won’t. the-matrix-animated-gifWhere a certain scene is needed while removing another, or combining multiple characters into one for clarification. I began making real progress. I’m over half way through the book now and moving along a good pace. Enough that I’m starting to believe I really might make my latest goal date of mid-to-late March for beta readers. Originally, I chose March due to a Self-Pub book contest in early April. A potential new possibility has presented itself making this newest deadline attempt still valid, but a bit more fluid. My main goal now is to finish with the best product I can at this time and we’ll see where it goes from there.

In the past year and a half, from 2015 to now, I’m amazed at the transformation my writing has gone through. I have to thank my failures for showing me the right way (write way?) to do this crazy thing I dream of accomplishing. I’m learning from failure and not failing to learn. How about you? (Side note, I actually wrote this a week ago and for some unknown reason, believed it to be posted already. Oops! Thankfully I’m hanging in there and still making great progress with my novel. I’ll keep you posted!) galaxy


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The Big Picture

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s good to be back! Thank you for sticking with me during that long stay away from the Writing Fisherman Blog. Really nothing new to tell in the fishing department as time on the water has been scarce and my luck when I do has been worse! So let me catch you up on what else I’ve been doing while away.shiny-purple

I finished NaNoWriMo and went into early December with most of my next novel written (34,000 words give or take). During which it has developed a sequel that slowed the process due in part to tie-ins between the books I wanted to figure out. I then took a couple of weeks away from writing to focus on family during the Holidays and my wife’s Winter break from college. Have I mentioned that I’m married to a college hottie? Wowza! I’d be remiss here if I didn’t also mention that the day after Valentines will be our Anniversary! Twenty years with my best friend, and true love, and it feels like only yesterday I was eating every meal at Dairy Queen just to get to know her.

My writing in January started slow at first but once I discovered key elements my story was missing it all began coming together. Since the end of the month, I’ve been on fire re-writing chapter after chapter. Character conflict and resolution, a story arch, new character insights, and fixing how to advance the story without giving away the end. I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with a current goal of March for a potential release of Nine-Mile Bridge. I’m going to do this! Then I take a earlier chapter to my writing group which I’ve missed attending for some time and that’s when I got the “bad beat.”

This is a poker term meaning you had the best hand with the cards available but are beaten when the last card falls (the River), revealing a better hand for your opponent.


Pretty close to my own reaction. Thanks Teddy-G and “Rounders”

It’s happened to me in Texas Hold ’em Tournaments. My worst was when my ace-high straight was beaten by a  diamond flush on the River. These can’t be helped as it’s blind luck they got the card needed to beat me. The worst is when I’m so excited by what I’m holding that I don’t see what’s right in front of me. For example, I was thrilled to have pocket aces (two A’s in your hand) and a third is on the table. The rest of the cards are mostly crap, no pairs, nothing that could make a straight. When I push in my chips, my opponent smiles because I failed to realize there are three clubs on the table for their flush. Those times are the worst. When you’ve beaten yourself because you weren’t paying attention.

What I learned in Club that night is that, although everyone enjoyed it and spoke on my much-improvedness (my own word), there was something confusing chronologically speaking.  I’d created multiple sessions of dialogue which would cover long periods of time without consideration that the world around shouldn’t be stopping. In particular my characters were discussing essential story information for hours on end at the restaurant they work at. I had them preparing for a dinner rush which, according to how I wrote it, wouldn’t have started until very late evening. That doesn’t vibe realistically with any eateries I know. I looked at other chapters and I’d done it there as well. Crap! How could I be so blind?! In trying to make my characters react realistically to each other I totally created a non-believable timeline of events without realizing it.

In the end, these mistake are going to make my story stronger through new editing and writing-is-hardpaying proper attention to the world around the characters. Namely their timeline. Thank goodness for Write It Now software which allows me to see the individual chapters so I can cut and paste scenes as needed. I’m also so very grateful for being part of a writing group that helps identify problems I could no longer see. If only my poker game came with such occasional help!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you again soon!

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Still Fishing

I’m alive!

Greeting readers and thank you for sticking around! I won’t be taking much of your time today as this is merely a notice that I’m not gone. Nor have I quit writing. IMG_2217On the contrary, I’ve been writing a lot which is where most of my focus has been these last few months. I just wanted to take a moment and let you know I haven’t forgotten you. I really appreciate you sticking with me for as long as you have. You are amazing! I also need to give a special thank you to my newest subscribers who’ve been checking me out even when I haven’t been writing for the public. Thank you!

I will have an official new post soon with my usual ramblings on life, writing and reading, and my sad lack of fishing of late. Mostly though, my upcoming post will be on how I learned my poker game sometimes correlates with my writing. Interested yet?

It should be ready to post at least by the weekend, maybe sooner. Thank you once again for tuning in and reading what this old fisherman has to say. Until next time!

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Keeping Up with NaNo-Writing Goals?

Hello, hello fans and friends alike! Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Writing Fisherman. Oooh, what will he talk about today? I’m sure my readers are just bouncing with anticipation for what I’ve been up to of late, aren’t you?  Okay, enough of the self-aggrandizing. I’ve not written a post in a while so I feel like a little boy bouncing off the walls after drinking a jolt cola cappuccino blend. I’m just excited to be back and making time for you, which I really should do more of.

downloadSo who’s doing NaNoWriMo? This guy right here is but, admittedly, sadly, I’m really struggling this year with keeping up in the word count. To be honest, it’s not so much the keeping up as it is the making time to write. As of yesterday, I’d not written a single word of my new manuscript in just over two days! At an average of 1,600 words per day to keep up, plus I was already 2,500 words behind schedule prior to this, that puts me at nearly 6,000 words behind schedule. Egad, the horror!

A little secret though, just between us. It’s IMG_1138not bothering me as much as I thought it would. Shocked? I mean, yes, I’d LOVE to finish my first draft this month. That is the whole idea behind it but, for right now at least, I’m not overly concerned. As always, I’ve got a lot on my plate going on right now and I’m learning new things about my writing style and habits.
Things like writing at the dinner table with a nearly two-year-old grand daughter running around is not conducive to progress. Even when I retreat to the garage to my work bench and attempt writing in solitude, I’m too often allowing myself to get distracted by any fishing tackle laying about awaiting organization. But I’m still not panicked about the numbers because I know I’ll get there. I gotta say, it’s a nice place to be.

That being said, I’m pretty thrilled to be working on a new novel. It too is a thriller but with a scifi slant. Preparing for this novel has been a blast, especially when I got to do a Q&A session with a retired science teacher to run some things by him.  That was a fun day!

Speaking of, I suppose this novel ain’t going to write itself so I suppose I should make time now to write. How are you coming along with your word counts? Are you doing NaNoWriMo or just sticking to your own writing schedule? If you are doing it and want to add me as a buddy, you can find me here and we can push each other along. Until next time!


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Loose ends- and a Contest! — Heir of Nostalgia

Originally posted on “Heir of Nostalgia,” the author page for a friend of mine, Steve Muse. You should absolutely check it out as he’s offering a free download plus a great contest! Absolutely worth your time.

Couple of things- First of all, thank you for taking the opportunity to download A Gathering Darkness, Book One of the Valerian Saga. If you love the idea of modern day adventure mixed with just a touch of magic and mystery, then this book is for you. BUT did you know, Book Two is out […]

via Loose ends- and a Contest! — Heir of Nostalgia

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Happy Book Birthday, Distant Horizon! — Stephanie Flint – Author and Artist

Awesome new release from an author friend of mine, Stephanie Flint, and her newest novel, Distant Horizon!  I’ve had the pleasure of getting some sneak peeks at it and I cannot wait to get my copy. Read all about it below.

Today’s the day! Distant Horizon is now available!😀 Isaac and I started writing Distant Horizon in 2010 after playing a tabletop rpg that Isaac was the gamemaster for. He created the world, most of the characters (except Jenna–she was my character), and the plot. Eventually, I decided I wanted to write everything down. Thus, the concept for Distant Horizon was […]

via Happy Book Birthday, Distant Horizon! — Stephanie Flint – Author and Artist

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Q&A Tag, My Turn

Welcome back fans! I’m sorry for leaving you out of the loop for a while. No time right now to delve into what I’ve been up to as I was tagged to do the immensely popular Q&A Tag by another WordPress author, Hannah A. Krynicki. Gee, thanks, Hannah! Seriously though, this might be pretty cool as it is yet another way for my readers to get a little more insight into who I am. So let’s get started!

Simple rules to follow:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions you were given by that blogger.
  •  Nominate 10 bloggers, give them ten new questions, and let them know they’ve been tagged.

The Questions:

1.Favorite book/story in the Bible?

I guess that would to be in Exodus with the story of Moses. This probably goes back to my childhood and watching the old Charlton Heston movie every year. Still love it today.

2.Chocolate chips or Skittles?

For a snack food I’ll go Skittles unless we’re throwing the chips in some dough for cookies! Otherwise the chips are just too messy to just eat up alone.

3.You get a five-minute public broadcast interview with an influential person in your government (President, Supreme Court Justice, Prime Minister, etc). What do you say?

I would like to meet with our President, whomever doesn’t matter, and discuss respect and kindness to our fellow man and how do we, as a nation become more united? One caveat I would have is no political answers. Must be just two people talking with simple answers.

4.According to this test, which Disney character are you?

I am Hercules! “Some of your strength comes from your muscles, but most comes from your kindness.” (I realize I’m a great guy but this is what it said, verbatim! LOL)

5.If you could choose to live in another time period or an alternate universe, where would it be and why?

Easy, I would live in the old West. To live simply in the foothills of some mountain range would be fantastic and peaceful.

6.Can you write something in a different language? (No translator help!)


7.What was the last dream you had that made you laugh?

I’m actually having a difficult time remembering what I dream about lately. The last one which comes to mind is months ago where my wife (in my dream) purchased me a small boat of my own for use in my fishing tournaments but, as I learned on the water, it wouldn’t hold me and my gear and stay afloat! So long as I was cruising along, it would float, or rather skid across like a stone with the same results when I started to slow down.

8.Do you know how to build a fire?

Indeed I do or brick-and-mortar stores?

I do occasionally purchase online through Amazon but I so prefer getting to go to a brick-and-mortar store! My local one just closed however so I guess I’ll be either buying more online or forced to travel further for my books.

10.What is one real-world problem that truly bothers you?

Kind of goes back to my answer for #3, the lack of Respect and Kindness to one another. How hard is it to say, “Please,” and “Thank You.” ? The list goes on.

11.Bonus: What would you do to change the problem in #10?

It starts with yourself. We can’t just write about it online or cry to friends and love ones over others behavior. Be the person you wished others would be like. Be an example of gratitude, and kindness while showing respect not just to those in authority, but those who rarely get some. The young person in the drive thru window taking your order. The kid tearing your movie ticket and showing where the theater is. Hey, next time it’s raining buckets, or a blizzard is blowing outside, leave a little ‘thank you’ note in the box for your postman who still has to get out in that weather. If everyone was doing little things like this. Acts of kindness, we could make the world a little happier.


Okay now for my 10 bloggers. Please understand, I know we all have very busy lives so don’t feel rushed, or even obligated to do this. Heck it took me a week to do it myself! That being said, I nominate, Stephanie Flint, Roger Colby, Eva Blaskovic, R.M. Kinder, James Young, The Amateur Angler, Flynn Gray, and the first 3 people who “LIKE” this post not already on this list. Your questions are:

  1. Cookies or Cake? (your choice of flavors)
  2. You’re able to visit with any one person in history for the next 2 hours. Who is it, and why?
  3. If it could be anywhere you wished, name your ideal writing spot, and your least ideal.
  4. Name your dream job or, in case you’re doing it, name the one job you’d always like to try.
  5. You just became the last animal you  read, or wrote, about. What are you and are you now in danger?
  6. Ebook or physical book?
  7. You wake up and find yourself in a remote area of the most recent book you read/are reading. Beside you is the one tool you’re happy is with you. Where are you and what is that tool?
  8. Can you change a tire on your vehicle?
  9. Your next story/blog post is guaranteed to be a massive success that will change your life forever. As often happens,success comes with a cost. What will your newfound success cause you to lose?
  10. List three things about yourself that you haven’t told your readers before now.

Enjoy, and I’ll be back soon with my next post. Until then, thanks for stopping by!

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Guilty Pleasures: The Movies

Hello readers! Welcome back to another thrilling episode of the Writing Fisherman. I’m thrilled to report I did in fact get to do some fishing about a week ago and had a most excellent time. Within the two hours of the time allotted I lived up to that part of my self appointed moniker, enjoyed a superbly aromatic cigar, and enjoyed the overall escape before returning once again to life.

Originally I’d began writing a piece on patriotism. It’s in the news a lot of late and a subject dear to my heart. I’m passionate about it so the vitriol I spouted in that original draft instead released my feelings like a page in a personal journal and I realized I WILL NOT be posting it. Perhaps come Veteran’s Day I’ll re-write it for what is the true heart of it. We shall see. Instead I dipped into my drafts within WordPress and found this little gem I’d never finished, and may make a series out of. In a previous post, I talked about reading, “Ready Player One”, by Earnest Cline which I loved. The story references many old movies, and television shows from my childhood in the 70’s and 80’s, naturally resulting in reminding me of many others.  Over time I’ve collected many of these old movies on dvd only to realize they have not held up. By my telling you about these movies, I provide a window into me and what helped form me growing up.  Try not to judge too harshly.

lone-rangerThe Lone Ranger was the epitome of the classic, good-guy cowboy. White hat. Sharp outfit. A horse of unmatched speed and intellect. And that mask which hid his identity apparently as effectively as Clark Kent’s glasses. So when Hollywood put out The Legend Of The Lone Ranger, circa 1981 I was thrilled. Cue the William Tell Overture! It starred Jason Robards, Christopher, Lloyd, Michael Horse, and in his “lone” acting credit still to this day as the Masked Avenger, Klinton Spilsbury. Unfortunately for Klinton, we still don’t know what he sounds like as his voice was dubbed by James Keach (uncredited).

I was ten years old when this came out and had been the Lone Ranger for Halloween twice already! I had the lunchbox, collected the action figures (which I still have a few),lone_ranger_650x300_a01_1011 and a couple years ago I got the dvd for Christmas. Funny how time can romanticize something which was such a stinker. Still I enjoyed it and couldn’t deny the thrill I felt at times especially when that thrilling music played, but Oscar material this isn’t. Although Christopher Lloyd as the bad guy in this pre-Doc Brown performance was pretty great and Jason Robards is always fantastic. Something which really struck me is that this one from 1981 actually holds up against the recent re-boot starring Johnny Depp even without the huge budget. They’re both bad in overall, but also so fun to watch and if you care to check it out you can find this one in its entirety on YouTube here.

megaforceFrom the wild West to the future of 1980’s warfare, I give you: MegaForce! A year after the Lone Ranger where I rode stick ponies around the neighborhood and avenged the poor, my interest was drawn to the future with this rapid-fire movie. Starring Barry Bostwick, Michael Beck, and Henry Silva, I was awed by the mystique of a secret strike force with cool vehicles and technology that could swoop in and save the day. There was also the feathered hair and ridiculous outfits which were throwbacks to the 1970’s idea of cool and, ashamedly, I wished I had. megaforce_onesheet-7Instead I cut and painted sheets of cardboard to decorate my bicycle MegaForce style complete with toilet paper tube rockets! What can I say?
The movie dazzled me in my pre-teen youth and when my wife got me the dvd for Christmas (same year as the Lone Ranger dvd) I had myself a little throwback movie session. My own ten year old son, the only child who’d watch it
with me, was himself dazzled by the spectacle complete
with many, “oohs”, and a few, “Whoa!” Meanwhile I chuckled, shook my head and groaned inwardly at what had become of something I once loved. But it wasn’t the movie that’d changed.
I knew it was adulthood that had its’ grip on me and it was likely that
many of my old favorites were going to be lacking that sheen of awesomeness I’d once felt, so long ago. See the trailer below and I believe it too is fully on YouTube.megaforce-01

Since that amazing Christmas of throwback movies I have learned that there is a way I can still enjoy these classics of my childhood. The key is moderation. That fateful Christmas, I received and watched 4 of my childhood favorite movies and was let down by all but one. Once in a while, if my mood is right and I have the television to myself, I can slip one of these old movies in without shame and just enjoy. True, I often need to turn off my brain to stop the critical thinking and allow the inner child to gleefully re-emerge. But getting in touch with that kid once in a while is still fun, and perhaps that is the point. Maybe it is the key to staying young? I just don’t wear the silly outfits anymore. Or at least not when anyone is home. “Hi Ho Silver!”

Do you know either one of these movies or do you have ones yourself which is a guilty pleasure? Something which rocked your world as a kid but doesn’t stand the test of time today? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear them and see if I know it too. Until next time!

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