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June Update

I can’t describe the joy it was to kill off my first character a few weeks ago and to continue to do so with other characters since. So sweet! Why are you raising an eyebrow at my joy? I mentioned before the story is a thriller right? Continue reading

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So, it’s been a while…

Isn’t it funny how the mind works? You walk into a room only to have forgotten why you went in there in the first place. Especially if it’s the kitchen because, at least for me anyway, I go right for the … Continue reading

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Happy Book Birthday, Distant Horizon! — Stephanie Flint – Author and Artist

Awesome new release from an author friend of mine, Stephanie Flint, and her newest novel, Distant Horizon!  I’ve had the pleasure of getting some sneak peeks at it and I cannot wait to get my copy. Read all about it … Continue reading

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Q&A Tag, My Turn

Simple rules to follow:

Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Answer the questions you were given by that blogger.
Nominate 10 bloggers, give them ten new questions, and let them know they’ve been tagged. Continue reading

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A Must Read For Sci-Fi Fans!

FREE BOOK OFFER! On the eve of the release of his spectacular sequel, SciFi author Roger Colby gives you the opportunity to get the first in his series for free on Kindle! Continue reading

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An Adventure to Write About

Spending the day listening to other authors speak on various subjects was a real treat as we had both traditionally published authors, and independent ones. Continue reading

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