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June Update

I can’t describe the joy it was to kill off my first character a few weeks ago and to continue to do so with other characters since. So sweet! Why are you raising an eyebrow at my joy? I mentioned before the story is a thriller right? Continue reading

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My Novel Update from March

I’ve become somewhat resigned to the idea that as a first-time novelist it’s taking longer than it would usually, but I’m learning a lot. Continue reading

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Writing for a Livin’

I struck out many, many times sending queries to different magazines, typically trying to peddle my adventures as a stay-at-home Dad with two baby girls. Let me tell you, I had plenty to share! Continue reading

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The “Sea Monkey” is Gone! (a mostly fishing blog post)

Welcome back, friends!  Let me take a moment and give you fair warning that I’m doing something a little different this week as I’m going to put more focus into the fishing part of my life with tonight’s post.  If … Continue reading

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2015 My Year in Review

For the most part the novel is done minus a few holes which I’m working on now when I’m not immersed in that crazy world of Fallout 4! Continue reading

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Fishing for the Writer’s Life

Hello Friends!  Jason here, back after quite the hiatus from any blogging activity whatsoever.  What a time it’s been though.  The day job keeps me busy as ever; I’ve begun new rehab, or rather physical training, on my knees to … Continue reading

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