Thank you for visiting author and podcast host, Jason A. Meuschke!

A native of Mid-Missouri, and US Air Force Veteran, Jason is forging ahead at last in his life-long dreams of being a writer AND a competitive Bass Fisherman. Though these hobbies and his work occupy much of his spare time, he never misses a moment to spend with his beloved family and the REAL love of his life, his wife, Holli.  Together their family consists of four children, and four grandchildren.

To say Jason is either just a fisherman or writer would be way off as he is a complex conundrum of a man.  His other hobbies range from gaming (video and board)  to hunting big and small game; from crafting/designing and painting new fishing lures to reading graphic novels; exercising on his own or with others, and don’t get him started on his love for an incredibly wide range of movies.  Seriously, you should try movie quote trivia with him sometime. He also hosts a weekly podcast called, The Sample Chapter Podcast. There he does short interviews with authors of varying experience followed by them reading a “sample chapter” from a published book.

Jason’s debut novel, Nine-Mile Bridge was released in April of 2018. Based on a Missouri urban legend, the book follows a teenage girl who, after a tragic accident, finds herself the target of both controversy and supernatural forces. If you have questions about writing, the podcast, fishing, fitness, or just want to send a greeting, he can be reached through the Contact Me tab.


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  1. lynnefisher says:

    Good to meet you, Jason

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