Deadlines and Movie Ratings

So…maybe you noticed, I’ve been away for a while. Not like out of town away, just away. I’ve focused on my novel in between other things and originally my plan was to not post until it was finished. The painful thing about that is I’m so close it actually pains me to write this, but it’s amazing how fast time has gotten away from me and I’ve missed you! Among the “other” things which has kept


*Full Disclosure-Not my actual leak*

me away is yet another issue with my home, this time a plumbing problem that leaked through the floor and into my writing office/fishing workroom in the garage! No significant damage this time however and let’s pray it will no longer be a problem.

My writing proficiency took a big hit about the time of my last post as that’s when I began working nights at the local theater. I finally got into a groove again but it’s the second-to-last chapter which has me confounded.

kermit giffy

Go Kermie!

I’ve re-written the ending “fight scene” multiple times and I’m just not happy with it. That’s how close I am to being done, just one dang scene away! I’ve promised myself I’ll do it once more then it’s going to my beta-readers and perhaps they’ll have some input for me I can use. Regardless, my plan is to have it ready for release in October. Halloween would be a cool time for it.

Speaking of my second job let me first say, I love it. I managed a theater in Colorado Springs for a few years and had a blast. Now I’m just another employee as I really don’t need the headache of managing two places. I’m also finding that customer issues don’t bother me as much and honestly just roll right off me as I shrug them off. There is one however which reared its ugly, stupid head again with the release of Stephen King’s, “IT” which is the dreaded R rating. Dun-Dun-Daa!

I won’t go into a torrent about it but let me just remind people that the MPAA is the group responsible for rating movies. They’ve been around since the 1920’s and the system in use today has been mostly unchanged since the late-80’s. I’m actually old enough to remember when “PG” was called “M” rating-systemfor Mature! The ratings are in place to inform viewers of what to expect, and likewise protect theaters. Theater chains can actually get into a lot of trouble, and that employee fired, for not checking ID and allowing a minor to enter a R rated movie! See the graph for the rules that we must all abide by and please, don’t be that parent who pretends like this is something new. We all know about R-rated movies one way or another!

Funny story, I once was chewed out by a woman who wanted me to allow her 13 year old to see “Hostel” (basically a horror-porn type movie). She eventually relented and purchased a second ticket for herself only to come out later, her face a sickly green, and dragging her son by the ear beside her. Then she proceeded to chew me out for showing a disgusting movie like that haha! Oh man, the stories I could tell.

See you again real soon!



About Jason A. Meuschke

A native Missourian and US Air Force Veteran, Jason also hosts a weekly podcast while making time to write anywhere in between. Any success he attributes to his best friend and wife, Holli (also USAF retired). "She's my biggest supporter!" Together they've raised four children and have been blessed with four grandchildren so far. When Jason isn't working or writing, he's usually found at the lake. As an avid bass fisherman he regularly encourages others to enjoy the outdoors more often. He dreams to one day have a writing career successful enough to let him fish more often. Follow Jason here or on Facebook at Author Jason A. Meuschke to read his occasional blogs of whatever may be on his mind. His books are available on Amazon and don't forget to subscribe to his show, The Sample Chapter Podcast! It is a weekly show where he interviews other authors before they read a sample chapter from one of their books. The Sample Chapter Podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play or anywhere you like to listen.
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7 Responses to Deadlines and Movie Ratings

  1. J.W. Martin says:

    Nice work, Jason! Keeping up with a blog definitely takes a bunch of time away from my novel, but I’m dedicated, at least for the moment.

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  2. I’m glad you’re back, Jason, and thanks for the theater stories. Congratulations on getting so far in your novel. As for that last seen and being so close, I feel your pain. I hope that moment comes when it lands on the page just right. Otherwise, your idea of passing it to the beta readers for some insights is a good one.

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  3. SBibb says:

    Good luck with that ending scene. I know how difficult certain scenes can be. If all else fails, a beta-reader can sometimes pinpoint what issues are there, even if you’re having a hard time figuring out the problem.

    And I understand about not posting for a while. I didn’t post on my blog much while I was in the thick of a rough draft, either.

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