June Update

Hello you wonderful fans of the Writing Fisherman! Time for another little ditty from my writing life and catch you up on what I’ve been doing since my last post. I’m truly honored that you find me just entertaining enough to keep checking back.

What an amazing month June has been! img_3291I’ve stayed true to my writing, getting up early each morning to write somewhere between 500-1,000 words which is a combination of new, and edits. The story is getting stronger with each passing day and I’m getting that much closer to being done. I can’t describe the joy it was to kill off my first character a few weeks ago and to continue to do so with other characters since. So sweet! Why are you raising an eyebrow at my joy? I mentioned before that the story is a thriller right? Anyway, I’m still looking at a possible “The End” date sometime in July.

Aiding in this momentum was a new podcast I stumbled upon called, “The Prolific Writer Podcast.” Click the name for the link, or go to iTunes and download like I do. It is hosted by a writer named, Ryan Pelton. Most of the episodes are great interviews with other authors that give amazing advice on how to keep motivated, their process, and so on. While these are fantastic, I must admit I became an instant fan by going back and listening to his first couple of episodes which was just Ryan giving some encouragement to any writers out there who are struggling. Know any of those?



Father’s Day was a fun time with my family, and I finally got a chance to do some fishing! Nothing huge was caught but I did live up to my self-proclaimed name and caught NINE nice bass in just over an hour. I even accomplished some writing.



This past weekend was huge though as my writing group hosted our 2nd Annual Writing Workshop. img_3329Learning our lesson from last year, this was more in depth, and hands on for attendees and was a great success. I personally had a great time starting with a shot in dark invite to Mr. Pelton (podcast guy I mentioned above) to join us, which he did! I had a blast getting to know him, and just talk for a while between sessions. My even bigger surprise came at the end in the form of door prizes. The session instructors (each a well established author) donated signed copies of their books of which I won one. I also won a free, 3-chapter editing session as well! Talk about incentive to finish my book, my fingers have been flying on the keyboard since then as you can imagine!

Well that about wraps up my update. I’ve got a ton of up coming things to announce but for now I need to keep you in suspense.  I promise to update again soon! As always, thank you for stopping by. If you find some humor in my ramblings, please click LIKE, and/or leave me a comment if you have any questions. See ya!


About Jason A. Meuschke

A native Missourian and US Air Force Veteran, Jason also hosts a weekly podcast while making time to write anywhere in between. Any success he attributes to his best friend and wife, Holli (also USAF retired). "She's my biggest supporter!" Together they've raised four children and have been blessed with four grandchildren so far. When Jason isn't working or writing, he's usually found at the lake. As an avid bass fisherman he regularly encourages others to enjoy the outdoors more often. He dreams to one day have a writing career successful enough to let him fish more often. Follow Jason here or on Facebook at Author Jason A. Meuschke to read his occasional blogs of whatever may be on his mind. His books are available on Amazon and don't forget to subscribe to his show, The Sample Chapter Podcast! It is a weekly show where he interviews other authors before they read a sample chapter from one of their books. The Sample Chapter Podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play or anywhere you like to listen.
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