My Novel Update from March

Failed again!!!

If you’ve been following along you know my personal goal was to get my novel done and out to my beta-readers by April first. Well that didn’t happen. I-May-Not-Be-There-YetI’m still celebrating the time and effort I put into my book in March because, after all, I made a lot of progress! Also I’ve become somewhat resigned to the idea that as a first-time novelist it’s taking longer than it would usually, but I’m learning a lot.

A big lesson I’m learning is that “pantsing” my novel was perhaps not the greatest thing. It was fun when I did it and hey, I got it written down. But I also left a lot of gaps where I couldn’t think of something so I just moved on and I have a lot of plot holes to fill. There are secondary┬ácharacters taking over scenes, the main character wasn’t developing as she should, and the overall flow was stagnant at times. All this has made it very difficult to edit as I’m looking at what can stay and what needs to go. That said I’m hopeful I can finish in the coming week or two. Raise a glass and toast to wishes and dreams!

IMG_2973Aside from the hair pulling I’ve been doing while editing I’ve also had a few distractions last month. I was sick a while and ran the office alone at work for nearly two weeks to name a few. The most wonderful distraction has been my new grandson, Ezra! If you have kids of your own then you understand what I’m saying when I talk about loving someone with all your heart at first sight! He’s awesome.

IMG_2966On the fishing side of things, the Writing Fisherman has been high and dry for some time now without getting a line wet in some time. I think I’m going into withdrawal fits and I’m sure the lack of fishing is probably why I got sick! That’s really a thing, trust me.


As always thank you for checking in with me and I’ll be sure to update you on my novel progress in the next week or two. Take care!


Me back at work soon.

PS: So interesting occurrence here. Right at the end of writing this a spider fell from the ceiling and Peter Parker’d my hand! I didn’t even notice the little dude fall but I felt him land. Unfortunately he looked normal and I’ve not heard of any genetic testing going on around here. Damn, I never seem to catch a break.


Until next time!


About Jason A. Meuschke

Happily married, father of four who has always been a dreamer and is finally pursuing those dreams! Follow along and read my silly thoughts as I approach the end of my first novel.
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5 Responses to My Novel Update from March

  1. rmkinder says:

    Good attitude in all ways here! I especially like the part about Ezra. Of all our creations, children are the best.

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  2. First of all, let me congratulate you on the positive spin you put on what has clearly been a frustrating time. Books always take way longer than you expect.

    Congratulations on Ezra. He’s beautiful. That newborn look always takes my breath away and makes my heart explode. It’s like the Grinch’s heart growing three sizes in one day, except that one’s heart wasn’t two sizes too small to begin with.

    As for fishing withdrawal, I totally get it. It’s similar for me with music and with writing. Yes, writing.

    Too bad about the spider. Something bit my kids in their early years because they climbed the walls of narrow hallways and doorway frames to the ceiling all the time. Later, they put their superhuman strength and flexibility to good use by getting black belts in taekwondo. My son even scaled walls (but he called it parkour) and won Spartan Race medals. (He even owned a Spidey suit.) My youngest daughter fights the crime of disease by studying to be a nurse.

    All the best with your novel. Better thorough than hasty. One day, the few extra weeks you had to take won’t make any difference. Not a fail; simply, a delay. And you’re closer than you were yesterday.

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