An Adventure to Write About

Hello readers! I’m back after a hiatus of pure busyness in my life. First, as always thank you for checking back with me to read the continuous ramblings of me, the Writing Fisherman. It’s good to take a breath from everything and get back to you!

Let’s see, since I last posted my garage flooded, but the tornado avoided us. Thanks to this I’ve had tons of outdoor/indoor projects at my home which were all on a timeline to complete. Along with this ordeal was my writing group hosting our first annual workshop the first weekend of June, which went amazing! Family reunions, and garage sales commenced in between and somehow I’ve made time, most mornings, to write. Everything culminated this week in a chance meeting with a REAL Fanboy.

As I said, my writing has surprisingly gone on fairly uninterrupted. I’ve stayed committed to getting in at least an hour each day, usually in the morning when the house is quiet. Funny thing happened though. I had a specific chapter on my mind lately and I kept pushing it away wanting to wait until I got to it naturally. Then one day I hit a writing wall and just couldn’t get around it, so I decided to click the chapter on my mind to re-energize my momentum. I was shocked to find I’d somehow skipped this chapter all-together in the first draft, and the first run through edit! All that was there was a one paragraph summary of what the chapter is supposed to be! The good thing is that I was now prepared to write it out thoughtfully. I knew full well not just what I had planned to have there, but what else I now knew NEEDED to be there.

RipThe writing workshop, hosted by the Writer’s of Warrensburg, went better than we’d hoped. We maxed out our capacity for the venue and generated great interest in future events. Spending the day listening to other authors speak on various subjects was a real treat as we had both traditionally published authors, and independent ones. There was even one who does both, which was fascinating to hear about! Afterwards was our book signing at Hastings. In all we had nine authors who sold a total of forty-two books during the two hour event. For me, it was particularly fun as I hit it off with author, W.L.Ripley, who it turns out, knew my family. Here are links to the Amazon Author page for just a few of the authors in attendance. W.L.Ripley, G.A.EdwardsStephanie Flint, James Young, Christine J. Gilbert, R.M.Kinder, and  Stan C. Smith.


If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ve perhaps heard me speaking about a podcast called, Fanboys on Fiction. I LOVE this show and cannot recommend it highly enough. I’ve corresponded with the guys in it this past year and developed a rapport with author, Roger Colby. To my great surprise, he let me know he’d soon be in the area and hoped to have time to meet, which we did this week. It was a blast! We spoke for a few hours about writing, publishing, our stories and our families, and just life in general. I really think I could’ve spoken all night IMG_2188with him if not for the parking garage I was using which charges an exorbitant amount after the initial three-hour free parking. Sadly, his podcast has come to an end but Roger now has his own YouTube show you can check out, here. He recently uploaded a reading of one of his published short stories, “Rust” which is amazing. Finally, here is a link for Roger’s Amazon Author page to check out his other books.

In spite of all the fun I’ve had in the face of non-stop, utter busyness, I’ve not fished one day. I think it’s been like two months since my last short trip, which is a long time for me. But who knows, it is Father’s Day weekend after all! Thanks again for coming by, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


About Jason A. Meuschke

Happily married, father of four who has always been a dreamer and is finally pursuing those dreams! Follow along and read my silly thoughts as I approach the end of my first novel.
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