Book Update for May

We’re halfway through May, so I thought it was time for a novel update. See what I did there? Cute, right? Okay, don’t run off please, I’m just so thrilled you keep coming back to read my ramblings!

So far so good with the editing. I’m keeping up with writing everyday, which has been a huge boost to my creativity, and with keeping into the groove. Plus we’ve been setting goals at each Writer’s Club meeting and I enjoy the feeling of reaching said goals. By doing this I’ve been averaging a chapter a week edited, or re-written all together. To keep my own time spent to a minimum at the meetings, I only bring a chapter at a time for critique.  They’re kind of long anyway. So far, I’m refraining from going back to make the edits until I have the entire book done although I’m  considering otherwise as there are some suggested edits I don’t want to forget. I just don’t want to get caught up in editing the same chapter over and over. What do you do?

Book Cover sampleI did allow myself a day to play with potential cover ideas and this is what I came up with. No, this is not the actual bridge but the style and location reminds me greatly of the real place. The bridge in my story was long ago replaced by a concrete one not nearly as spooky.

Speaking of, I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you the tale my story is based on. Let’s set the way-back-machine to the late 80’s when I first heard and experienced it; ready?

The legends are that during the Civil War, kidnapped infant children were cast into the river below in an effort to strike back at one side, or the other along with the unwanted babies of slaves. The ghosts of these babies are now in limbo below the bridge and if you dare to dangle your feet over the side, you will feel them trying to climb up to escape their purgatory. The bridge also serves as a barrier for a Hell Hound (or black panther demon depending on who you were riding with that night). It roams the area, guarding the cemetery, which resides at the end of a winding drive on the other side of the bridge, a short distance away. For decades the area is rumored to be the locale for human sacrifice and other ghosts all under the protection of the Hell Hound. If you dare visit, and he spots you, he will chase you down and drag your soul to Hell. That is unless you make it back across the bridge before he can.

There’s so much more to it than that but for the purposes of always wanting to keep my blogs on the short side, it’ll do. My story is based on this and follows a teenage girl who will not only discover all the horrors of this place, but also how her family fits in with its history, perhaps even its future.

Creature conceptAs for the Hell Hound, allow me to share with you some original concept art done by my daughter, Anni. I’ve not shown this around to anyone yet so YOU are getting a first look at the beast! She had some great ideas to expand on it while keeping visual cues from the original idea. Among my favorite of her ideas was the eyes. They glow an emerald green and the pupils appear like an upside down cross which are both cat like, and reptilian. In my tale it actually is named for the ancient Germanic/Norse creature, Roggenwolf. I love it!

So there’s my progress report for May. I beginning to believe my original idea of the book being ready by June was quite naive of me, but I am improving the story with each passing day so more time is good. I’d still love to have it ready this Summer however so that’s what I’m aiming for.  That, and to go fishing again one day for the love of God! It’s been so long! Please let me know how you go about editing after receiving feedback. Do you wait and do it all later, or do you dive back in right away while it’s fresh? Thanks for stopping by friends!



About Jason A. Meuschke

A native Missourian and US Air Force Veteran, Jason also hosts a weekly podcast while making time to write anywhere in between. Any success he attributes to his best friend and wife, Holli (also USAF retired). "She's my biggest supporter!" Together they've raised four children and have been blessed with four grandchildren so far. When Jason isn't working or writing, he's usually found at the lake. As an avid bass fisherman he regularly encourages others to enjoy the outdoors more often. He dreams to one day have a writing career successful enough to let him fish more often. Follow Jason here or on Facebook at Author Jason A. Meuschke to read his occasional blogs of whatever may be on his mind. His books are available on Amazon and don't forget to subscribe to his show, The Sample Chapter Podcast! It is a weekly show where he interviews other authors before they read a sample chapter from one of their books. The Sample Chapter Podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play or anywhere you like to listen.
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