Fishing for the Writer’s Life

Hello Friends!  Jason here, back after quite the hiatus from any blogging activity whatsoever.  What a time it’s been though.  The day job keeps me busy as ever; I’ve begun new rehab, or rather physical training, on my knees to go along with my new workouts thanks to the VA; and I’ve joined a local writer’s group!

In my time away from this I’ve put some thought into what I hope to achieve, or to do with my blog.  To be honest, I originally only joined to follow Roger Colby, writer/blogger extraordinaire, who along with his partner, Ryan McKinley, puts out the wonderful podcast, “Fanboys on Fiction.”  Their advice has inspired me to get back at writing and not to give in and I’ve become a big fan.

Among the countless great suggestions I’ve collected from the Fanboys was to start a blog, something I’d never done.  For now though, I believe this will be my way of just writing my thoughts down which, maybe, will entertain some other struggling writers like myself.  I’ll share my issues, what’s working and what’s not, and perhaps even some other things from my life.

Of course I’m sure I’ll bring up fishing  at some point as that is my passion.  In fact I’m realizing that fishing is one of my reasons for writing.  I seek the freedom of one day soon, I pray, to not be tied down to a 9-5 hourly job working for someone else.  I’m going to be 44 years old come November and my plan right now is to be self employed by 50!  The fishing part just comes naturally with the extra free time, but seriously who am I kidding, I’ll go anytime now that I get a chance.

So what is one of your reasons for writing?  Let me know and be sure to check out Fanboys on Fiction on iTunes and follow Roger Colby right here in WordPress!


About Jason A. Meuschke

Happily married, father of four who has always been a dreamer and is finally pursuing those dreams! Follow along and read my silly thoughts as I approach the end of my first novel.
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