The Benefits of Done

Hello again readers! Welcome back to another episode of the ongoing ramblings of the Writing Fisherman!

As most of you know, a few weeks back I celebrated the completion of my first novel, Nine Mile Bridge. Since then I’ve been looking at hundreds upon of cover design ideas while my book is being beta read and going through the editing process. Hopefully by the time I get it back to make the necessary changes, I’ll have my cover ready and I can move forward to publication. This I plan to have before the end of the year!

img_3753I’ve also spent some time fleshing out my next novel. Actually I’m mapping out my next three as it is a series! I have my beginning plot, the initial characters, the story for each book and an over-arching plot for these first three books. With any luck, this series will be successful enough that I can move forward with the next three and perhaps another three after that.  I want to move on to something else in between trilogies for a one off then come back to it. If it’s not doing well I’ll wrap it up in book four and move on. At least that’s the plan.


So far so good. I’m doing NaNoWriMo to kick off this first novel and what’s amazing to me is how easy it’s been to write now that I’ve completed my first.

Finishing a chapter in the Doc’s waiting room!

Writing friends have told me it gets easier after the first and for me that’s certainly the case. Also having started using Scrivener has been a huge help with productivity. I’ve got both the pc version and the app for my phone. They are linked via Dropbox so I️ can continue writing during breaks at work or out shopping with my wife. As Ryan Pelton says, “Writing in the cracks of your life.” By the way, I’m thoroughly enjoying using the app! I worried about writing on such a smaller screen but all the necessary keys are strategically placed for easy use and I’ve found it actually helps with writing in short bursts of a couple hundred words. I love it!

Ever the glutton for punishment because I’m apparently not busy enough with two jobs, writing, plus a very busy family man and grandfather, I’m planning yet another creative venture for the near future. I️ can’t go into it

Enjoy the show!

much at this moment but I️ digress, I’m very excited and I’ll be sure to fill you in as soon as possible. Hopefully very soon!

No new fishing trips lately for this Writing Fisherman. I’ve been much more of the writer than the fisherman for a while now and with the cold weather setting in I️ imagine that’ll be the case to finish out the year. But that’s okay. Eyes on the prize right? I’m keeping my nose to grindstone with the belief that my hard work will pay dividends starting next year including time to fish!

Be well everyone and I’ll be back again soon!

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I Did It!

Hello friends! Making a quick post to get back in touch with you as I’ve got an announcement. I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post but for good reason. Namely, the reason is that your Writing Fisherman has, at long last, typed those precious words that every writer looks forward to…”The End.”brad pitt triumph

Thank you for the applause, you’re very kind and making me blush.

Man what a trip it’s been! Technically, I started this journey six years ago while I was still living in Japan. That’s when I first got the idea to expand on an old urban legend I was familiar with. Things happened and got in the way, as things often do for writers, and I moved back to the States so it went into hiatus. In 2015, I began to get the itch again as I became a grandpa and realized I still hadn’t fulfilled a lifelong dream.  I tinkered with it again that Summer and got some advice from a newfound writer friend, Roger Colby, to look for a local writers group for more support. I found one and things began to happen.

After a few months that Fall of mostly rewriting the first couple of chapters, I entered NaNoWriMo and didn’t look back which was good, and bad. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the process and I finally got the crux of the story done at just over 50k words, but man what a pile of crap! Ha ha ha!Shield-Nano-Side-Blue-Brown-RGB-HiRes

I spent most of 2016 rewriting some of the earlier chapters and fleshing out details and minor plot lines but didn’t get as much accomplished as I’d hoped. Big lesson learned here, don’t announce your novel will be available in a few months if it’s not done yet! Yikes, what a snafu that was! Should’ve listened to my wife.

2017 kicked off much better as I gained new perspective and motivation with the book. I pressed on with getting chapters fleshed out fuller than before, and with better focus. It really did look like I’d get it done over the Summer and said as much in my first ever podcast interview as an author on the Prolific Writer Podcast with Ryan Pelton. Again, things got in the way, like a second job for instance, but I eventually got adjusted to the schedule and pressed on determined to finish.

That brings us to today, or rather last night to be honest when I reached the end of this journey.  Nine Mile Bridge currently sits at 110,000 words which is estimated at 400+ words as it sits but it will not be staying there for sure. I’m thinking 85k-90k will tell this story just fine and I know there are a couple of parts coming out and a minor plot line that isn’t needed any longer but honestly, I can’t look at it anymore! The book is going out to a couple of readers along with a form I’m putting together with questions I need answered.With any luck, I’ll be editing again in a few weeks with an eye for publication before this year is up. For now, I’m enjoying this victory cigar along with a beer and some Blues while I contemplate the next step and the next novel. Then tomorrow, this writing fisherman may go fishing for the first time in quite a while. I think I’ve earned it!



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Deadlines and Movie Ratings

So…maybe you noticed, I’ve been away for a while. Not like out of town away, just away. I’ve focused on my novel in between other things and originally my plan was to not post until it was finished. The painful thing about that is I’m so close it actually pains me to write this, but it’s amazing how fast time has gotten away from me and I’ve missed you! Among the “other” things which has kept


*Full Disclosure-Not my actual leak*

me away is yet another issue with my home, this time a plumbing problem that leaked through the floor and into my writing office/fishing workroom in the garage! No significant damage this time however and let’s pray it will no longer be a problem.

My writing proficiency took a big hit about the time of my last post as that’s when I began working nights at the local theater. I finally got into a groove again but it’s the second-to-last chapter which has me confounded.

kermit giffy

Go Kermie!

I’ve re-written the ending “fight scene” multiple times and I’m just not happy with it. That’s how close I am to being done, just one dang scene away! I’ve promised myself I’ll do it once more then it’s going to my beta-readers and perhaps they’ll have some input for me I can use. Regardless, my plan is to have it ready for release in October. Halloween would be a cool time for it.

Speaking of my second job let me first say, I love it. I managed a theater in Colorado Springs for a few years and had a blast. Now I’m just another employee as I really don’t need the headache of managing two places. I’m also finding that customer issues don’t bother me as much and honestly just roll right off me as I shrug them off. There is one however which reared its ugly, stupid head again with the release of Stephen King’s, “IT” which is the dreaded R rating. Dun-Dun-Daa!

I won’t go into a torrent about it but let me just remind people that the MPAA is the group responsible for rating movies. They’ve been around since the 1920’s and the system in use today has been mostly unchanged since the late-80’s. I’m actually old enough to remember when “PG” was called “M” rating-systemfor Mature! The ratings are in place to inform viewers of what to expect, and likewise protect theaters. Theater chains can actually get into a lot of trouble, and that employee fired, for not checking ID and allowing a minor to enter a R rated movie! See the graph for the rules that we must all abide by and please, don’t be that parent who pretends like this is something new. We all know about R-rated movies one way or another!

Funny story, I once was chewed out by a woman who wanted me to allow her 13 year old to see “Hostel” (basically a horror-porn type movie). She eventually relented and purchased a second ticket for herself only to come out later, her face a sickly green, and dragging her son by the ear beside her. Then she proceeded to chew me out for showing a disgusting movie like that haha! Oh man, the stories I could tell.

See you again real soon!


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Best Time Ever!

Hey gang, welcome back! I really considered not doing a post this week as I’m up to my eyeballs in a self-imposed deadline, but YOU are important to me. You keep coming back and I am humbled that you think I have something worthy to say. So even though I need to make this a quick one, I will start first with a big THANK YOU for stopping by to see me again!

My last post, the June Update, was a big img_3335one for me as it broke key personal bests. For example, my previous best day for views was a whopping 23 from earlier this year but this post killed it at 58! Also, my previous best views for a post was 37 but now sits at 87 and still going! Who knows, perhaps by engaging it with this update I’ll cross a hundred for the first time ever? I know it’s no where near the numbers other are getting, but I’m more than happy with success in little pieces at a time. You wouldn’t want me to get too big a head now would you?

Speaking of big heads, guess who was interviewed by a writing podcast? Yep, this guy! Also in my last post I talked about a new writing podcast, The Prolific Writer, I’d become very fond of and even had the opportunity to meet the host, Ryan Pelton, when he came to my writing groups workshop. We hit it off pretty well I think and our group impressed him with how close we are and how well we work together for a common goal. Suffice to say I was stunned when he asked to interview me and discuss the importance of writing groups, and likewise, to hear my story. It kind of makes my last post look like a shameless plug now, but he hadn’t asked me prior to my posting of it. But hey, I’m an Indie writer and as such it’s up to us to market ourselves right? If you want to hear the episode go here, but I do recommend going back and listening to them all. Ryan is doing a great job and I hope for his continued success!


Like I said, I’m keeping this short today as I need to get back to my novel. I’ve set a goal to be done this week and it’s looking good so far. Oh, I’ve also started my author page on Facebook which is where I’ll be sharing even more information about upcoming books and so on. I welcome you to come over and LIKE my page please! I’ll still keep you posted here though so until next time, see ya!

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June Update

Hello you wonderful fans of the Writing Fisherman! Time for another little ditty from my writing life and catch you up on what I’ve been doing since my last post. I’m truly honored that you find me just entertaining enough to keep checking back.

What an amazing month June has been! img_3291I’ve stayed true to my writing, getting up early each morning to write somewhere between 500-1,000 words which is a combination of new, and edits. The story is getting stronger with each passing day and I’m getting that much closer to being done. I can’t describe the joy it was to kill off my first character a few weeks ago and to continue to do so with other characters since. So sweet! Why are you raising an eyebrow at my joy? I mentioned before that the story is a thriller right? Anyway, I’m still looking at a possible “The End” date sometime in July.

Aiding in this momentum was a new podcast I stumbled upon called, “The Prolific Writer Podcast.” Click the name for the link, or go to iTunes and download like I do. It is hosted by a writer named, Ryan Pelton. Most of the episodes are great interviews with other authors that give amazing advice on how to keep motivated, their process, and so on. While these are fantastic, I must admit I became an instant fan by going back and listening to his first couple of episodes which was just Ryan giving some encouragement to any writers out there who are struggling. Know any of those?



Father’s Day was a fun time with my family, and I finally got a chance to do some fishing! Nothing huge was caught but I did live up to my self-proclaimed name and caught NINE nice bass in just over an hour. I even accomplished some writing.



This past weekend was huge though as my writing group hosted our 2nd Annual Writing Workshop. img_3329Learning our lesson from last year, this was more in depth, and hands on for attendees and was a great success. I personally had a great time starting with a shot in dark invite to Mr. Pelton (podcast guy I mentioned above) to join us, which he did! I had a blast getting to know him, and just talk for a while between sessions. My even bigger surprise came at the end in the form of door prizes. The session instructors (each a well established author) donated signed copies of their books of which I won one. I also won a free, 3-chapter editing session as well! Talk about incentive to finish my book, my fingers have been flying on the keyboard since then as you can imagine!

Well that about wraps up my update. I’ve got a ton of up coming things to announce but for now I need to keep you in suspense.  I promise to update again soon! As always, thank you for stopping by. If you find some humor in my ramblings, please click LIKE, and/or leave me a comment if you have any questions. See ya!

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Shhh! The End is Near!

Greetings and salutations my friends, and welcome to another bit from the Writing Fisherman!

Today I’m thinking about goals. Are they flexible? Should they be, and how often do you push them back? Do you set a goal with a firm date of execution to be finished then the date comes and goes so you set a new goal date. And then another. Then you write a new one in bold ink on your desktop, or perhaps set a calendar reminder in your phone like a countdown.  Is it a confidence thing, or are the goals we set sometimes unrealistic?c9d3a92fa9163e441127cda6b5a53207

If you’ve been following me for a few months, or since the beginning, you know my goal dates with my novel have been pretty fluid, to say the least. When I started this blog in 2015, I’d set a goal for that Fall. I intentionally left it dateless as I had no idea how to gauge my writing but to fit the paranormal nature of my story, I hoped for an October time frame. Then I pushed it to Spring-ish followed by a big announcement on my Facebook it would be coming in May of 2016. I thought that by announcing it to the world I’d freak out enough to get it done by then. My wife raised an eyebrow over that ill-fated decision which, obviously, didn’t work.

From there I went back to a Fall time frame again but I found myself floundering and thinking about another story. castle confusedAt the start of this year, I set a new goal of March and  again I went bust. Then I began to notice a pattern and I think I’ve finally figured out what’s going on. If I announce a deadline, the writing Gods will conspire against me, throwing problems big and small to confound my writing! That’s gotta be it, right?!

Okay, maybe not. But just like in fishing, or other sports, superstitions can be mighty strong. For example when my KC Chiefs are playing football well, I will wear the same outfit, use the same glass, and try making the same food each Sunday until they lose again. Likewise in writing, I’ve heard of other writers who need certain music to be playing, or will only begin a new project on certain days of the week. Some must stand to write, while others must lie down, and let’s just avoid the topic of those who write sans clothes shall we?rolling-eyes-animated-gif

Until I finish this first novel I think I’ve found a new superstition, deadline announcements. Just between you and me, I’m making a lot of progress in the past couple of weeks and the end is near. Suffice to say I will certainly be shouting from the rooftops when it is complete but I’m loving this sensation of writing for myself lately and getting lost within the story once more. With that in mind, I quote the immortal words of Elmer Fudd;



“Shhh! Be wary, wary quiet. I’m hunting word counts!”

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So, it’s been a while…

Isn’t it funny how the mind works? Forgetful-manYou walk into a room only to have forgotten why you went in there in the first place. Especially if it’s the kitchen because, at least for me anyway, I go right for the fridge because, that’s gotta be it right? There was something in there I wanted. Hmm, was it cake? Sure, why not, I bet that was it. I wanted cake. I go sit down with my piece of cake and that’s when my wife looks at me and says, “Where’s my drink I asked you for?”

Okay, so that didn’t happen (rarely) and I’m not talking cake today either. What’s been on my mind lately, and was really messing with me for a while, is how you can be convinced of having done something that you really didn’t do. Some of you who’ve been following me a while know I’ve been working on my debut novel for quite some time. After fiddling with it for years, I finally forced myself to sit and push it out for NaNoWriMo 2015. That’s when the Jedi mind tricks started coming. In an effort to keep going, and without an outline, I just pushed past any scenes, or chapters, I wasn’t sure about at the time. I got it done and have been editing, revising, and re-writing my first several chapters ever since. It’s been just in the past few months that I started making real progress. The kind where I believed I would be ready to publish by the April-May time frame.

My first hiccup was finding three chapters in a row, just past the halfway point that were only a paragraph or two summary of what should happen here. Ouch. Not to be beaten down by it I pressed onward and wrote like the wind, my fingers typing furiously at the keys breathing life into my baby. I was ecstatic with myself and convinced once more I was on track. High five!tghf

Then came a double hiccup.  First I found another incomplete chapter. More than a single paragraph summary but not more than a page, or two. I looked further ahead and realized there were a few more to come in the last third that were also incomplete. Seriously, one key chapter I wrote something akin to; “Guy runs into cave. Scares kids. Kids run other way. Someone lit some dynamite causing a cave-in. Other bad guy caught under, splat.” It goes on, but you get the idea. Now this isn’t the soul-crushing end of the world realization because I already knew I hadn’t written my final chapter yet. But I had convinced myself I’d previously written full chapters and that the ones in the half-way point I did were leading to these other ‘complete’ ones. It was a day later that my basement flooded again, this time from the foundation.

If you’ve ever gone through that hardship my heart goes out to you as I know your pain. For those who haven’t dealt with it, I can explain it simply like this. If you don’t have a sump pump buried under your house, there’s not much you can do until the rain stops. The clean up is still ongoing and has consolidated most of my time at home. This was sorta soul-crushing and made my previous writing realization a bit more surreal for me. It was to the point where I struggled hard for a couple of weeks with motivation to even try writing.

Needless to say, my inner writer finally came out again last week and it feels good. A writer friend is visiting next week and I’d hoped to have sent him a full draft before hand for us to go over in person during his visit, but it’ll still be good. Never-Give-Up-Quotes-6Plus I finally made it back to my writing club for a meeting which helps immensely with regaining momentum, and motivation. Through all of this I’m realizing that I’ve got to buckle down and get this one done THEN seriously look into my methods of writing. I listen/read a lot to the 20 Books To 50K group and I need to discover my speedier voice. This is not so I can put out a book every few weeks like they can, but I feel if I plan accordingly, one or two books a year is completely doable for me. Plus the organization will help me maintain the tone, voice, and continuity throughout my books, and I shouldn’t be left with any more surprises of things I thought I did, but didn’t. Point is, don’t give up!

Perhaps this is some symptom of not fishing enough? I bet it is! I mean I am the Writing Fisherman after all.

As always, thank you for listening and following me. Let me hear your struggles in the comments below. If you’re not familiar with 20BooksTo50K, or its founder, Michael Anderle, I suggest reading his indie author story. It’s inspirational to say the least! Meanwhile I’m craving cake for some reason so I’m off to find some. Talk to you again soon!

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My Novel Update from March

Failed again!!!

If you’ve been following along you know my personal goal was to get my novel done and out to my beta-readers by April first. Well that didn’t happen. I-May-Not-Be-There-YetI’m still celebrating the time and effort I put into my book in March because, after all, I made a lot of progress! Also I’ve become somewhat resigned to the idea that as a first-time novelist it’s taking longer than it would usually, but I’m learning a lot.

A big lesson I’m learning is that “pantsing” my novel was perhaps not the greatest thing. It was fun when I did it and hey, I got it written down. But I also left a lot of gaps where I couldn’t think of something so I just moved on and I have a lot of plot holes to fill. There are secondary characters taking over scenes, the main character wasn’t developing as she should, and the overall flow was stagnant at times. All this has made it very difficult to edit as I’m looking at what can stay and what needs to go. That said I’m hopeful I can finish in the coming week or two. Raise a glass and toast to wishes and dreams!

IMG_2973Aside from the hair pulling I’ve been doing while editing I’ve also had a few distractions last month. I was sick a while and ran the office alone at work for nearly two weeks to name a few. The most wonderful distraction has been my new grandson, Ezra! If you have kids of your own then you understand what I’m saying when I talk about loving someone with all your heart at first sight! He’s awesome.

IMG_2966On the fishing side of things, the Writing Fisherman has been high and dry for some time now without getting a line wet in some time. I think I’m going into withdrawal fits and I’m sure the lack of fishing is probably why I got sick! That’s really a thing, trust me.


As always thank you for checking in with me and I’ll be sure to update you on my novel progress in the next week or two. Take care!


Me back at work soon.

PS: So interesting occurrence here. Right at the end of writing this a spider fell from the ceiling and Peter Parker’d my hand! I didn’t even notice the little dude fall but I felt him land. Unfortunately he looked normal and I’ve not heard of any genetic testing going on around here. Damn, I never seem to catch a break.


Until next time!

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The Shadow War – Launch Day!

Fantastic announcement from a friend, and local author, with the release of her newest book, The Shadow War. This is book 2 in the Wishing Blade series.

Stephanie Flint - Author and Artist

After an extra month of waiting, The Shadow War is finally here! It’s the second book of The Wishing Blade series, so if you’ve been wondering what happens next, that wait is over!


I’m both excited and nervous with this one. For this one, we get to see Daernan’s point of view for a large part of the story (60%, to be exact), and we get one short scene from Siklana at the end. But don’t worry, Toranih and Shevanlagiy also get their fair share of scenes, too. Not only that, but we get glimpses of both Maijevan and Cantingen cultures, and the bit of rivalry that might be brewing between the various countries and cities. 😉

So, without further ado…

The Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic Swirl

The Shadow War

Upper MG / Lower YA

The Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic SwirlThe Shadow War - Book CoverThe Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic Swirl

Though a shadow is as good as a ghost, with no free will to speak of, they may still be…

View original post 520 more words

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Learning through Failure

A year and a half ago I began this blog for a myriad of reasons. It’s a great way to build an audience, or as other writers told me, creating exposure. I write conversationally, as comfortable as I can, to provide the best possible window into who I am. I also wanted to have something else to occasionally write, thus taking a break from my novel which I’d been attempting to write for years. It was Summer 2015 and my original plan, naive as it was, was to have written it in time for publication that Fall. I failed at that but did manage to complete a full first draft that November.

I kicked off 2016 revising and re-writing. I worked with an artist, my amazing daughter Anni, on special characters and came up with an idea for the cover. I even went so far as to announce it publicly, for a second time no less, that it would be ready by May. resilienceMeanwhile I was pouring over the first few chapters only, attempting to make them perfect. In the process I watched May come and go, once again without having reached my goals.

After that failure, I set a personal one for Fall again. This time keeping it mostly to myself due to losing a little momentum and even some faith in my ability to finish. Clearly I didn’t make that goal either.I took some time to begin a new novel rough draft in November then a break from writing all together through the Holidays.

When I sat down in January this, I had a epiphany of sorts. I felt like Neo in the Matrix as I suddenly could see how my story is to come together. What is going to fit and what won’t. the-matrix-animated-gifWhere a certain scene is needed while removing another, or combining multiple characters into one for clarification. I began making real progress. I’m over half way through the book now and moving along a good pace. Enough that I’m starting to believe I really might make my latest goal date of mid-to-late March for beta readers. Originally, I chose March due to a Self-Pub book contest in early April. A potential new possibility has presented itself making this newest deadline attempt still valid, but a bit more fluid. My main goal now is to finish with the best product I can at this time and we’ll see where it goes from there.

In the past year and a half, from 2015 to now, I’m amazed at the transformation my writing has gone through. I have to thank my failures for showing me the right way (write way?) to do this crazy thing I dream of accomplishing. I’m learning from failure and not failing to learn. How about you? (Side note, I actually wrote this a week ago and for some unknown reason, believed it to be posted already. Oops! Thankfully I’m hanging in there and still making great progress with my novel. I’ll keep you posted!) galaxy


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